Cline Shale

As of 2013 the Cline Shale, also referred to as the “Wolfcamp/Cline Shale”, the “Lower Wolfcamp Shale,” or the “Spraberry-Wolfcamp shale”, or even the “Wolfberry”, is a promising Pennsylvanian oil play east of Midland, Texas which underlies 10 counties: FisherNolanSterlingCokeGlasscockTom Green,HowardMitchellBorden and Scurry County, Texas. Exploitation is projected to rely on hydraulic fracturing.

an organic rich shale, with Total Organic Content (TOC) of 1-8%, with silt and sand beds mixed in. It lies in a broad shelf, with minimal relief and has nice light oil of 38-42 gravity with excellent porosity of 6-12% in thickness varying 200 to 550 feet thick.

Estimated total recovery is 30 billion barrels.

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