About Me

Blair Wells LLC    was founded in 2014. I have worked in the Oil and Gas industry for a number of years, primarily in the Permian Basin. Most of my time is spent either in courthouses or the abstract plants. I enjoy learning more about our area and the role this industry has played in the growth of our cities and communities.
Feel free to learn more about our area and the oil industry’s impact locally, nationally and internationally by selecting any of the tabs above. Hopefully anyone who visits this site will leave with new resources, a better understanding of what being a landman means, or at the very least be entertained at my unique perspective of merging technology, land work and education.
One of the things i enjoy about being a landman is adopting new ways and means to accomplish the same goals of years past using technology and other avenues some have yet to explore or choose to keep for their own private use. My primary goals are exploring new ideas, innovating and working towards more productive procedures that benefit both broker and client.